Every hire has an element of risk associated with it and when hiring via a recruitment agency, the majority of hires come with a maximum 3 months rebate period.


This leaves the margin of error post rebate incredibly small, with the investment in both the candidate and recruiter at risk of being wasted capital.

This is why we have introduced WAFFLE365.

"365" is our commitment to enabling employers the ability to hire without

the associated risk when working with recruiters. 


Here’s how we do it...

Digital Waffle place a candidate.

If at any point the candidate leaves, your payments stop.

Your recruitment fee is then split into 12 monthly instalments.

So you, the employer, are free to reinvest any saved capital.

That's... WAFFLE365

We truly believe that WAFFLE365 can be the difference between an employer achieving their business goals or not.

Want to know more?

At Digital Waffle, we’re committed to assisting employers achieve their goals.


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