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Five Interview Tips

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No matter how many interviews you have had throughout your career, they can still be extremely stressful. Best way to calm yourself before an interview is to make sure you are prepared. As a specialist recruitment agency, we have lots of tips to help you with your interview but here are our top 5 interview tips for you to get you started and support your interview process.

1. Clear your diary.

First things first. Make sure that once you get an interview date, you clear everything else you had happening that day. You don’t want to have multiple important things happening on the same day. Your interview is important and other events will just distract you. Stay focused and prepared.

2. Dress appropriately

This one may seem obvious but it's one many people get wrong. After all, what you wear will be part of your appearance and the way you come across, first impressions really do count. It is really important to do your research before your interview, this also means knowing how the business dresses. Not everyone will expect you to be suited and booted so research is key, see if team photos have been uploaded to social media platforms or the business website. Don’t worry if you can’t find any clues online, you can always ask your recruiter or drop them a quick email to ask about the dress code.

3. Arrive 10 minutes early

Arriving at your interview too early may not be the best idea. This may put a lot of pressure on the interviewer especially if they are busy doing other things they have planned prior to your interview. At the same time arriving late will look unprofessional. You may come across unorganised, that's why arriving 10 minutes early is a good in-between. It's not too early and not late. If for any reason you will be late, give the interviewer a heads up by giving them a quick call.

4. Be honest 

Honesty is key when it comes to interviews. It is also very important to be honest in your CV. Lying to a potential employer that you’ve acquired certain skills throughout your career is never a good idea. You may be able to blag it to a point but the truth will always come out. You don’t want to put yourself in that position. Being honest will get you much further, if you feel like you don’t have the skills you need, don’t worry, many employers provide basic training. 

5. Ask questions

Prior to your interview prepare some questions to ask. This will not only give you further insight into the business and the job role which you are applying for but it will also show your engagement and interest to your interviewer. If you feel like something during your interview was unclear, don’t hesitate to ask about it. Remember it's not just your interview, they need to sell themselves to you as much as you do to them.

Here at Digital Waffle, we have all the tips you need to prepare for your next job and career move. For career advice contact one of our recruitment specialist today: Check out all of our job opportunities to find your next dream job.