Finding great people is hard. Why make things harder?

Remove the risk with intüch

You’ve found the perfect hire and things are going great. Six months in and it isn't working out, so they hand in their notice and are on their way out the door. It happens. With most rebate periods being a 3-month thing, you're down a pair of hands down, and out of pocket. That just doesn't seem fair.

How it works

Welcome to intüch, the sensible way to hire

Step 1

We work with you to understand who you need to bring into your business. Taking desirable skills, characteristics and cultural fit in to consideration, we build a comprehensive brief to make sure we find the right fit for your team.

Step 2

We take care of all the usual processes while supporting you and your new hire through the next few weeks. Before you know it they've joined your company and projects are being delivered. At this point, we take a step back to let you do your thing.

Step 3

Instead of having a large invoice land on your desk on day one - with short payment dates and rubbish rebates - we split your fee into twelve manageable monthly installment.

Step 4

You pay your installments each month for the next twelve months and after that - we're done.It's as simple as that.

Step 5

If your hire leaves the business before the twelve months are up, your payments stop. Keeping more cash in the bank for you to reinvest into your next hire.

Sounds good, what’s the catch?

There actually isn’t one. We’re simply invested in building relationships with our clients and helping to grow their businesses. After all, the more people you need in your company, the more likely you are to keep working with us.

We run the same recruitment process as we would if you paid the fee upfront, and use the same job boards, social networks and headhunting skills; the only difference is we split the fee at the end. It really is that simple.

Who we help


Development — Dev Ops — Testing — Infrastructure — BI and Data


Account Management — Strategy — Social — Search — Analytics


Technology Leads — Project and Programme — Business Analysis — Software Architecture — Product Management


UI — UX — Design and Research — Digital Design — Animation — AR/VR