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What candidates want to see in your job ads

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Crafting the perfect job ad can feel like a balancing act. You want to showcase your company's unique offerings while attracting top talent with clear and concise information.

But what exactly are candidates looking for? Here at Digital Waffle, we help businesses like yours find the perfect fit, and that starts with understanding what motivates exceptional candidates.

Clear job description

Imagine this: a candidate spends hours crafting a perfect CV, only to find a job description that's vague or jargon-filled. Discouraging, right? A clear job description is the foundation of a successful ad.

Outline the responsibilities, qualifications, and expectations of the role in easy-to-understand language. What are the day-to-day tasks? What skills are essential? Be specific without being overwhelming.

Required and desirable skills

This section helps candidates self-assess their suitability. List the required skills – the non-negotiables for the role. Then, consider including desirable skills – bonuses that set a candidate apart.

This approach is transparent and allows strong candidates with transferable skills to see if they're a good fit.

An attractive salary

Let's face it, salary is a major factor. Be upfront about compensation! Including a salary range shows you value transparency and allows candidates to make informed decisions.

Research the market rate for the position and offer a competitive range to attract top talent. Remember, a competitive salary isn't just about attracting candidates, it's also about retaining them.

Good benefits

Competitive benefits go beyond just health insurance. Think about what matters to today's workforce: flexible work arrangements, parental leave policies, professional development opportunities, or wellness programmes.

Highlighting these perks showcases your commitment to employee well-being and can be a major deciding factor for talented individuals.

Strong company culture and values

Today's candidates want to work for a company they believe in. Describe your company culture and values in a way that resonates with your ideal candidate. Are you innovative and fast-paced? Collaborative and team-oriented?

Sharing your company's heart and soul allows candidates to envision themselves thriving in your environment.

Flexibility and work-life balance

The ability to manage work and personal life is a top priority for many candidates. Be upfront about your approach to flexibility. Do you offer remote work options? Compressed workweeks?

Highlighting flexibility demonstrates your understanding of a modern work-life balance and positions your company as an attractive employer.

Promising career prospects

Ambitious candidates want to see growth opportunities. Outline potential career paths within your company. Do you offer mentorship programs or internal training opportunities?

Highlighting these aspects shows your investment in employee development and attracts candidates seeking long-term career prospects.

A commitment to diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workplace fosters creativity and innovation. Express your commitment to building a team that reflects the richness of the community you serve.

Highlight any diversity and inclusion initiatives you have in place. This demonstrates your values and attracts talented individuals from a wider pool.

Details about the application process

Make it easy for candidates to apply! Clearly outline the application process, including where to submit CVs and the next steps.

Consider offering multiple application channels, such as your website or social media platforms. A streamlined and efficient application process shows respect for candidates' time and effort.

By incorporating these elements, you can craft job ads that resonate with top talent. Remember, your job ad is the first impression you make on potential employees.

Make it informative, engaging, and highlight what makes your company truly special.

This approach will attract qualified candidates who are excited about the opportunity to join your team.

Ready to create winning job ads? At Digital Waffle, we partner with businesses to develop targeted recruitment strategies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect talent for your team!