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Maintaining a work-life balance

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​Let’s admit it, more and more of us find ourselves working jobs which could be considered “always on”. Maintaining a work-life balance with those jobs is close to impossible but we can’t let ourselves fall down the hole of “non-stop working”.

As a recruitment agency, we want to help you in maintaining a healthy balance, here are some tips to get your work-life balance right.

Switch Off

The first step is admitting, that we’re all very attached to our electronic devices such as our mobile phones.

A lot of the time we need to use them for work, but let’s not forget that every electronic device has a switch-off button!

Start it off slowly, if you're going for lunch, leave your phone in the office or switch it off, make your lunchtime is an actual break. It is also okay to switch your device off for a couple of hours a day while you spend some alone time or family time.

Taking a short break can really help you relax. It is important to get into a habit of taking a break, and make it a regular thing. Before you start worrying that you may miss an important phone call, just sit down and relax.

You need to understand that having your phone off for an hour a day will not cause the world to end. In fact, this break can really help your mental and physical health.

Priorities yourself

Whatever it may be, if you need to finish work a little early to attend a family dinner but know that you’ll have to stay longer another day to make up for it. Do It!

Maybe it's time to take care of yourself, think about starting a gym class which you've been putting off for ages? Do it! Yes, it may mean that you won’t be available on a Saturday for a few hours, but that's okay.

Whatever it is that you want to do, you need to be open about it. Give yourself a few hours a week where work doesn’t exist. We all need a break at some point.

Stick to it

It may seem difficult at first and may cause you to be a little anxious, but these regular breaks will help you in the long run. However, if you decide to give yourself a break, remember to stick to your own promises!

You may find it hard at first but once you start seeing the benefits you will understand why breaks are important. Don’t give yourself excuses to do more work or not take a break. You will never find a healthy balance if you start lying to yourself.

Here at Digital Waffle, we know exactly what is needed to maintain a work/life balance. For new career opportunities or advice, contact one of our recruitment specialists today.