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What's happening at Digital Waffle?

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​We're still here and have something industry-changing planned.

Quick Note: In late March, as a collective, we took the decision to implement 100% remote working. This is unlikely to change until 2021 at the earliest. Our staff's health and job security will always be our No1 priority - so when we do decide to return to an office (whenever & wherever that may be), we will be doing so with the same team as before.


We're most likely walking headfirst into a global recession, with or without a second spike. During the 2008 recession, companies across all industries stuttered and failed - whilst those who adapted, innovated, and evolved for customer requirements prospered. 

Somehow, the recruitment industry managed to come out of the recession relatively unscathed (despite job losses & closures) and continued with the same business practices it held prior. Yes, there has been the continual adoption of technology (video interviews, etc) and the further integration of specific CRM/ATS' platforms - however, this progression just acts as a veneer and underneath the hood, recruitment is exactly the same as it was in the '90s. 2008 was an "extinction event" for certain industries, it will most likely repeat itself in 2020 and recruitment is at risk. 

Using a recruiter is still seen as an incredibly expensive and ultimately risky way to hire. Rubbish payment/rebate terms, redundant BD methods, and a real lack of true USP's (saying you're a "specialist" in a certain sector is not a USP). 99% of recruitment agencies are carbon copies of each other, just with different names. The only true differentiation between companies is the employees, but even those excellent consultants are still at the behest of their directors business practices.

Digital Waffle plans to address this imbalance of power currently offered by Recruitment Agencies when working with SME's & Start-Ups looking to hire. Our pioneering recruitment solution will substantially reduce the financial risk when hiring whilst at the same time, enable rapid scaling of teams via multiple hires that simply wouldn't be possible with a "traditional" recruitment agency model. Over the past 18 months, we've been testing this model with selected clients seeing excellent results and rave reviews. With economic pressures higher than they've been for over a decade it's the perfect time to initiate a seismic change of stance and to stand apart from the rest of our industry.

We'll be unveiling this new brand within the Digital Waffle umbrella in Q4 of 2020. We look forward to telling you more and we hope you join us on what will be game-changing!

To find out how Digital Waffle's solution can help you achieve your business growth goals please contact us on or 0121 517 0357.