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Is Berlin the next stop for you?

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​We’ve all been hearing about it. If you specialise in technology and it's surrounding fields, no doubt you’ve heard how Berlin is becoming the next big tech hub.

Young creators, entrepreneurs and founders are moving to Berlin to be part of a healthy growing ecosystem.

Question is why? Well, it’s the obvious benefits the German capital has to offer in comparison to big rivals, such as Paris and London. So let’s get into it.

The perfect opportunity for start-ups

It is said that on average a startup is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin the beautiful German capital.

It seems that for tech startups looking for funding, there is a sea of investors who are seemingly eager to splash their cash. On top of funding benefits, we of course have the benefits of actually living in Berlin.

Living costs

Berlin is approximately 50% cheaper than London. This includes costs of living such as transport, food and housing.

It’s no secret that start-up businesses are always looking to save money, after all, every penny counts when trying to climb up the business ladder. With living costs in Berlin being lower than its rival cities, start-ups can operate longer on a low or tight budget.

Is Berlin for me?

Berlin may not be for everyone but there is something attracting people in. On average Berlin has 500 new tech start-ups per year. To get a taste of Berlin we recommend attending TOA which is Europe's largest tech career event. The beautiful city is growing and businesses are lacking skilled workers.

Meaning they are in constant search for new talent. Top job searches are for software developers, UX/UI or other designers and Digital Marketers. With 80% of Germany speaking English, the language barrier is never an issue for newcomers.

As a specialist recruitment agency, we have opportunities all around, even in Berlin.

If you specialise in technology and its surrounding fields get in touch with us today to find your next career opportunity.