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Importance of taking a break

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​Whether you’re an employee or you’re running your own business, you need to remember that breaks are really important. If you're trying to keep a healthy work-life balance then breaks are necessary!

As a recruitment agency, we know exactly when it’s time to step back and take a break, as we get closer to the summer holidays we will share with you some facts and why it’s important to take breaks from work.


Employees who take regular breaks are more productive. Following a break, people are geared up to work again, significantly boosting their performance level.

A break helps their mentality restart and enables them to complete their tasks more accurately, leading to fewer errors. Increased productivity is a win-win situation for your employees, your business and your clients. Remember to take regular breaks.

Reduces Stress

No matter what your job is, our minds work pretty much the same when it comes to stress, there is only so much that the mind can take before it becomes overloaded by too much data or activity, which can ultimately lead to stress.

Regularly skipping a lunch break can cause stress and fatigue to sneak up. Use your break to take a stroll away from the workplace, a quick nap, talk to friends, eat a healthy snack or meditate in the break room or somewhere private.

A good break can really help you focus and avoid overworking, which can cause stress.


Holidays or even long weekends are very important, breaks where you can get some physical and mental space away from the everyday demands of life can really help you bring balance to your life.

Obviously, we feel less stress when we're not in a stressful environment. But holidays bring more than that: they interrupt the cycle of stress that can lead to being overwhelmed. They give us a break from chronic stress so we can restore ourselves physically and mentally to a healthier place.

Here at Digital Waffle we want to make sure all of our employees, candidates and clients get exactly the right amount of free time to help them restore.

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity or advice, contact one of our recruitment specialists today!