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What is your USP?

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Let’s face it, every industry is getting more and more competitive, with more people going into higher education, working part-time whilst studying, competitiveness is increasing and not only for people seeking employment but also for businesses looking for new employees.

Yes, advertising your job may be easier than it used to be, thanks to social media but let’s not forget, everyone else can use those platforms too.

With all the other businesses around you offering amazing employee benefits and high pay, it’s important to think about what your USP is.

Being able to tell people why you’re better than your competitors and how you’re different will grab people's attention, same goes for job seekers, make yourself stand out.

As a recruitment agency specialising in technology and its surrounding fields, we have a few suggestions on how to tailor your CVs and job offers to make your USP eye-catching.

Personal USP

Time to think and make some notes.

Write down everything that comes to your head. Let's narrow down, what makes you different as a candidate?

Even a basic set of skills or previous experience which may seem pointless to you could be the one thing making you stand out from all the other candidates.

You may need to dig deep down, or maybe it’s something obvious.

Here are some things which may help you find your USP:

Other languages

It's important to state what level your additional languages are at.

Places you have visited

Business or holiday, having seen other cultures can be a beneficial asset.

People you have worked alongside with

Building a network of connections from previous experiences can be useful for your new role.

Big brands you have worked for or did projects for

However big the project, working for a big brand is always impressive.

Job variety

Show that you are comfortable doing anything and are flexible as well as organised.

Additional courses

If you have completed any online courses, or have had any training to widen your knowledge, point it out. This shows that you are going beyond the minimum requirements.

Business USP

Finding the right candidate can be difficult. Job advertising has definitely become easier but also means more people are applying for the same role. Not all applicants will be relevant and it’s all about how you present yourself as a business.

To attract the right talent to work for your business you need to stay on top of your competitors. A lot of businesses will look for the same person, with the same skill set and abilities. Your job is to make them want to join your team.

Here are some ideas you may want to include in your job description offer:

Extra benefits

Most businesses offer basic benefits such as holiday entitlement, but if your business offers more, such as birthday off or travel expense pay, then mention it.

High pay and bonus

If you offer more money for the position than others, point it out. Something like an annual bonus is always attractive to candidates.

Travel opportunity

People love free trips, if the position offers business travel opportunities, list it as a benefit.

Free snacks/food

Everyone loves free food; if this is something your business provides then use it to sell the position.


People love free stuff, so if your company gets freebies for employees, tell people about it.

As a specialist recruitment agency, we know exactly what employers are looking for. For support and new career opportunities contact one of our recruitment specialists today: