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Most recruiters come into conversations with clients with ready-made solutions that don’t actually solve their problems. 

That’s not us. We know that step one of a successful hiring process is listening to our clients and taking their opinions seriously. In fact, we recently went one step further and asked them what their biggest annoyance is when working with recruitment agencies, so we’d know exactly how best to help them. 

The most common answer? The upfront cost of hires (which can be incredibly steep) and the impossibility of getting a rebate if a candidate doesn’t work out.

Good thing, then, that we decided to do something about it…

Introducing our Intuch solution

You spoke, and we listened.

As you do, we think recruiting the highest quality candidates should be accessible to every business, regardless of size and budget. 

Intuch lets you pay for each hire in 12 equal payments over the selected candidate’s first year. That way, you avoid a large upfront payment, free up vital cash flow, and still get to hire the perfect fit for your organisation.

Oh, and did we mention our cancellation policy? If the hire doesn’t work out at any point during the first year, you stop paying - no questions asked.

Why this solution is so revolutionary?

Did you know that on average, candidates only stay in a permanent position for around 4 years?

That means a lot of recruitment costs for a single role throughout your business's lifespan.

An even scarier number is how many candidates leave a permanent position within the first year: 91% are willing to quit within a month if the job doesn’t live up to their expectations, which rises to 93% during their probation period.

This all goes to show how significant a risk each hire represents, especially if you’re trying to get your business off the ground. Some organisations simply do not have the resources to spend lots of money on recruiting a candidate who will leave within a few months – and even those who do have the spare cash lying around could certainly find a better use for it!

The large upfront cost that comes with hiring is holding companies back from reaching their full potential and scaling as they should be able to.

Our commitment to making recruitment better meant we simply had to find a way to solve this problem. 


Here’s how it works: 


When we place a candidate you pay via 12 equal monthly payments, if they leave at any point during this period - you stop paying. You've paid for what you've got and are happy for Digital Waffle to refill the role. No more lump sum fees & rebate periods to get stung by.

We offer Intuch to empower businesses and encourage growth. 


Our innovative payment plan means you can afford to make multiple hires and scale faster as the cost is spread out over a year. It also grants you access to more talent, and thereby more business opportunities.

We also wanted to do away with restrictive contracts. Our insurance policy means you can afford to take a bigger risk when hiring, giving you peace of mind and confidence. If a hire doesn’t work out, you can rehire quickly without worrying about upfront recruitment fees.

So you get the same high levels of service we offer to all our clients, packaged in a payment model that works for your business.

Did we catch your attention?  Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you grow your business. Call us on +44 (0)121 517 0357 or email at