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5 reasons why you might not be attracting the right talent

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Filling open positions can be a constant struggle for businesses. You write job descriptions, post them online, and...crickets. Or worse, you get a flood of applications from unqualified candidates.

So, what's going wrong?

We've seen lots of companies struggle to find the right people. So with that in mind, we thought we would go through five reasons why the right talent might be overlooking your opportunities

1. Uninspiring job descriptions.

Let's face it, generic descriptions riddled with jargon are a turn-off for candidates. They fail to tell a compelling story about what it's really like to work here. Instead, think of your job description as a sneak peek into your company culture and the role itself.

Focus on the day-to-day tasks, the challenges you'll solve, and the impact you'll make. Weave in the bigger picture: How will this role contribute to the company's success? What kind of team will you be working with? Use clear, concise language that showcases the exciting aspects of the job, and don't be afraid to inject some personality!

2. Employer branding isn’t landing.

In today's job market, talented individuals are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to work for a company with a strong purpose and values that align with their own. Does your employer brand effectively communicate what your company stands for and why it's a content place to work?

Top talent wants to work for companies with a powerful WHY. Does your online presence showcase your amazing culture with employee testimonials and social media that reflects your team? Negative reviews can be golden!

Address concerns and highlight the positive ones. Talk to potential hires – their insights can rewrite your employer branding story.

3. Employee benefits package is lacking.

Salary isn't everything. These days, talented candidates crave a total rewards package that goes beyond a paycheck. Think about offering flexible work arrangements, remote work options, or generous parental leave policies.

Research what perks your competitors offer and tailor your package to stand out. But remember, benefits shouldn't be random – they should be like a well-written subplot, seamlessly woven into the story of your company culture.

4. Job roles aren’t being seen by the right people.

Blasting generic job openings on random boards is a thing of the past. Top talent requires a targeted approach. Get strategic! Research industry-specific job boards and online communities frequented by your ideal candidates.

Posting there increases the chances of reaching qualified individuals actively seeking opportunities in your field. Here at Digital Waffle, we have a vast network of industry contacts and access to specialised job boards, allowing us to get your openings in front of the most relevant talent pool.

5. Your recruitment process is flawed.

Is your application process overly complex or time-consuming? Do interviews lack structure or transparency? A smooth and efficient recruitment process shows respect for candidates' time and can make a big difference in attracting top talent.

If your internal resources are stretched thin, consider partnering with a specialist recruitment agency (like ours of course). We can streamline the process, leverage our network to find qualified candidates and provide valuable expertise in navigating today's competitive job market.

Filling open positions with the right people is crucial for business success.

By addressing these five common pitfalls, you can craft a more compelling recruitment strategy that attracts qualified candidates who are excited about your company and the opportunity you offer.

If you’re struggling to attract the right candidates for your roles - we can help. Get in touch with Digital Waffle today and learn how we can help you find your next hire.