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How technology is changing recruitment

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Technology is growing and improving each day. Every day there is a new piece of technology entering our lives, no wonder we rely on it so much. Technology is all around us and everything we do revolves around it - even recruitment.

So how exactly is technology changing recruitment you may wonder, today we will cover some of the main changes which have developed over time.

Job application process

Remember days when you had to go around, knocking on doors and handing out your CV, leaving them with the human resources department, hoping for a callback? Forget that, now it’s all done within the comfort of your own home!

We now have access to millions of websites and apps which help us find the perfect job. But just like everything in life, all these changes also have a downside, the main one being … competition. Competition applies to both sides, candidates as well as recruiters.

People are now able to post job vacancies online, meaning there are more opportunities out there for people, businesses and recruitment agencies really need to make their job offers stand out to attract the right candidates.

Candidates, on the other hand, need to make their CVs top-notch to be able to compete with everyone else applying for the same job.

Candidate search

Thanks to search engines we are now able to find pretty much everything online, with the support of social media we have a global reach to find potential candidates. CVs can be very brief and only highlight key factors.

Having social media platforms such as LinkedIn helps recruitment agencies and employers find out more about their candidates and narrow down options to find the perfect match. Once again this can work both ways, it's not only the employers that can carry out searches, but candidates also look at reviews of potential employers.

Now more than ever, candidates take time to research companies before applying - so it’s important to pay attention to your organisation’s online presence.

Interviews and assessments 

When hiring you want to make sure your candidate is the right fit for the positions you’re trying to fill. Thanks to technology you are now able to find out more about your candidates.

Interviewing people is now easier than ever, tools such as Skype, Facetime and other online video chats enable us to talk to our candidates no matter where they may be.

Sometimes an interview may not feel like enough, you want to know if your candidate has the right knowledge and skill set for the position.

This is where pre-employment assessments such as cognitive ability tests and job knowledge tests come in handy to analyse the skills and assess the knowledge of the candidates.

Here at Digital Waffle, we use all resources possible to find the perfect match for our clients. We connect the best candidates to the best employers.

If you’re looking for a career in technology or its surrounding fields, get in touch with one of our recruitment specialists today.